Doug Jones Hints That ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ May Launch In September


Doug Jones, who will play Lt. Saru on Star Trek: Discovery told the Triumph & Disaster podcast that the new Trek series will probably launch around September.

According to Movie Pilot we may have an idea of when Star Trek: Discovery will launch. Before you get too excited though remember that we’ve been down this road before. Star Trek: Discovery was originally supposed to air last month, but was then delayed to May 2017, before being delayed again… this time indefinitely.

Doug Jones, who will play the alien Lt. Saru on Discovery, was on the Triumph & Disaster podcast when he dropped this…

"“It’ll air… probably in the Fall. Maybe September-ish.”"

This isn’t an official date or announcement, it’s an actor on the series giving an educated guess, but it’s certianly in line with what we thought might be the case. The series is now filming so a fall premiere is probably pretty reasonable.

A fall premiere will also give CBS time to do more promotion and hit San Diego Comic-Con hard. The Discovery video and panel at SDCC this year was disappointing and many Trekkies think CBS bumbled the Star Trek 50th anniversary celebration. A solid and exciting promotion for Discovery this time around might go a long way to bringing those Trekkies back into the fold and building excitement.

No matter when the Discovery launches we are very excited about the possibilities behind this series. Star Trek isn’t about standing still, it’s about change and growth. We have high hopes for Discovery continuing the tradition of Star Trek. This September it will finally be time to boldly go again.

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