CBS Chief Gives Soft Estimate For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Launch Date


CBS chief Les Moonves says that Star Trek: Discovery will launch sometime in early fall or late summer 2017.

CBS has given us launch dates for Star Trek: Discovery before, so take this with the appropriate grain of salt. It looks like Star Trek: Discovery may have a soft not super concrete launch date of early fall or late summer, this according to CBS Chief Les Moonves.

Deadline Hollywood quotes Moonves as saying…

"“sometime late summer, early fall we’re looking at probably right now,”"

I kind of figured that this was the time frame since it would allow CBS to have an almost finished product to push at San Diego Comic-Con this year. It might even allow CBS to fix some of the missteps that happened with the Discovery panel last year.

This is however Discovery’s third premiere date and after the last two were cancelled it’s probably not going to get the fans too fired up. Trekkies have been given debute dates several times already, and those dates have been pushed aside. There’s no doubt that we all want them to get it right, but a date probably isn’t going to inspire the excitement among Trekkies like it did to begin with at this point.

If CBS really wants to get the fanbase fired up they are going to have to give more than dates and platitudes about Star Trek being important to the network. They are going to have to show Trekkies something of substance, something that might make an extra streaming service subscription worth it.

Read more at Deadline Hollywood.

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