CBS Chief Says Some Star Trek Series Were Terrible


CBS Chief Les Moonves apparently thinks some of the Star Trek series were terrible.

Originally slated for a  January 2017, and then a May 2017 release, Star Trek: Discovery seems to have finally found its final warp-in coordinates: Summer or Late Fall 2017 (whatever that means).

A few days ago Actor Doug Jones stated in an online interview that he the show was going to be released sometime in the fall of 2017. Now, it seems, CBS Chief Les Moonves has confirmed this to be the official release timeframe.

While speaking at a Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Moonves attempted to calm any nerves investors may have had about the upcoming release of Star Trek: Discovery.

Industry insiders and many fans have expressed concern over the show’s loss of Bryan Fuller and the two unexpected delays in release.

“There are millions and millions of Trekkies out there,” he says. “We know for a fact that the other versions of Star Trek — there were seven other series, some of them were great and some of them were terrible — they all did really well on Netflix. That gave us great confidence that this was the right choice to put the full court press on All Access.”

‘Some of the were terrible’? Interesting comment. It almost sounds like Moonves thinks Trekkies will watch anything if it has the Star Trek name on it. This is an attitude that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

We’d love to know which series Moonves thinks are terrible. Which Trek series does Moonves think was terrible: Enterprise, Voyager, TNG, or DS9? Star Trek: Discovery’s look and feel might depend partially on the answer.

CBS is counting on the new Trek show to attract more subscribers to the $5.99 a month digital service title ‘CBS All Access‘. Discovery will be available exclusively on CBS All Access within the continental US and on Netflix everywhere else.

“It’s important to get it right, and Star Trek is the family jewels,” Moonves says. “We’re not going to rush it in. There’s a lot of post production. But I’m very confident based on what I’ve seen so far.”

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, and Rod Roddenberry will act as executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer serving as writers and consulting producers; with those names on the bridge whatever the plot of Discovery is we know it will be good.

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