Patrick Stewart Reads Bad Reviews Of Famous Places


Patrick Stewart reads one star reviews of famous places, and it’s hilarious.

There are some people on the internet that are just the worst. I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, we know they are among us. They read article titles and comment without reading the actual article, they troll anyone who disagrees with them, and they constantly bash everything they come across.

Some of these worst people on the internet apparently dislike some famous world monuments. So who better to put a voice to their caterwauling and complaining than Sir Patrick himself? Yes the ever elegant and renowned Patrick Stewart is going to read some of the dumbest comments on the internet. Are you as excited as I am?

Patrick Stewart is just so damn talented. This statement might cause a stir, I know there are many worthy possibilities, but for my latinum Stewart is the best actor to come out of Star Trek. Ok, perhaps that wasn’t too terribly controversial.

Obviously Brent Spiner from Star Trek: The Next Generation has to be taken into consideration. You also can’t leave out the entire cast of Star Trek: The Original Series, but Sir Patrick is really special. Patrick Stewarts remarkable ability to make anything hauty for humor and to play everything from Shakespeare to sci-fi really is remarkable.

I know this is going to start a war in the comments, but if I had to rank Star Trek actors…

  1. Patrick Stewart
  2. Jeffrey Combs
  3. Armin Shimerman

I now stand ready to hear what an idiot I am on Facebook, just be sure to treat me more kindly than the people in this video treated the Statue of Liberty.

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