Star Trek: Discovery Adds Mary Wiseman and Jason Isaacs


Star Trek: Discovery has cast two new crewmembers in Mary Wiseman as Tilly and Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca.

Star Trek: Discovery has two new crewmembers and they are on very different ends of the command structure.

Mary Wiseman will play Tilly, a fresh from the academy cadet finishing up her final year with field training aboard the Discovery. So Tilly might be Star Trek: Discovery’s Nog. Wiseman has appeared on a few TV series like Longmire, Baskets, and Difficult People.

On the other end Star Trek: Discovery’s captain will be Jason Isaacs. Isaacs is of course a well known actor and will bring a lot of experience to Discovery’s cast. Isaacs appeared as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series and as Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot.

We have two more pieces of the Discovery crew, a captain and a Wesley Crusher. I know a lot of people complain about Wesley Crusher, but I’ve always been partial to the Nog and Crusher style characters. They show the hope and excitement for the adventure that we get as the viewers of Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry created Crusher to represent himself after all.

I can’t help but be a little disappointed that we aren’t going to see Garth of Izar, but I’m sure Captain Lorca is going to be fun too.

The casting for Star Trek: Discovery appears to be mostly finished now, and we know that filming has already begun. We are on our way to new Star Trek! September (if that’s when it really premieres) can’t get here fast enough.

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What do you think? Are you excited about Star Trek: Discovery getting two brand new crewmembers? Are you just as worried as we are? Let us know in the comments below.