Turn Your Computer Into A Star Trek Sound Machine


These Star Trek background noise videos will turn your computer into a Star Trek sound machine, putting you on the bridge of your favorite starship.

I’m a sucker for a sound machine. I love sitting back, closing my eyes, and listening to the sounds of a babbling brook while I imagine I’m in a sleepy meadow full of sunshine… AND IS THAT A ROMULAN BIRD OF PREY?

Now you can do away with ocean sounds and peaceful valleys and relax where you truly feel most at peace, on a starship. YouTuber Ender4life has created background ambience tracks of all the great Star Trek ships and locations. From the bridge of the NCC-1701 to the bridge of the NCC-1701 D, it’s all here.

Some of his works even have quiet conversations in them. You can just make out that Spock is reporting something to Kirk.

Now you can fulfill that dream of falling asleep while on duty at the helm of a Galaxy Class starship.

It’s not just the bridge though, if you’d like to relax in your quarters you can do that too.

Or maybe you want to visit Ten Forward and have a nice relaxing meal and drink something green?

If Ten Forward isn’t your speed you could always take a turn at the Dabo wheel in Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gamind House, and Holosuite Arcade.

You can even visit a cargo bay to inventory some supplies…

…or pop down to engineering to help Jordy realign the phase converters.

I’m of course partial to the DS9 ops, but I’d love to get a Defiant bridge loop as well.

Hopefully Ender4life keeps making these, because they are just fantastic. So far this week I’ve gotten a lot of work done on the bridge of the Enterprise all from the comfort of my office.

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What do you think? Are you going to turn your computer into a Stark Trek sound machine? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.