Patrick Stewart Says Star Trek Helped Him Learn To Be Silly


Patrick Stewart says he didn’t know how to have fun and be silly on set until his Star Trek: The Next Generation castmates taught him.

Patrick Stewart wasn’t the fun loving Twitter using lovable guy we all know now when Star Trek: The Next Generation started. He was a serious Shakespearean actor and was on set to do a job, not have a good time. At least that’s what Stewart told Conan O’Brien.

On a recent episode of Conan Sir Patrick was discussing his final film in the X-Men series Logan when he mentioned his time on TNG. It’s not that Patrick Stewart wasn’t any fun, his concern came from worrying about the crew and others working on set. He didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with fun.

"“I was so boring and tiresome. I had this thing about discipline and I felt that the cast, my fellow cast members on Star Trek, were a little unruly at times.”"

This isn’t the first time Patrick Stewart has said that he thought the rest of the TNG cast were cutting up too much, he also said as much on the Nerdist Podcast.

In the end though it seems Jonathan Frakes, Denise Crosby, and the rest of the TNG crew wore him down and made him learn to have fun on set.

"“I think they made me live longer. I think maybe I wouldn’t be here, if it had not been for them teaching me how to laugh more.”"

Check out the full interview with Sir Patrick from Conan.

How can you not love Patrick Stewart? The man is just a damn delight.

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