Star Trek: Discovery Negativity – Is it justified?


With every piece of Star Trek: Discovery news being scrutinized, long-time fans have been begun defending the show from its harsh critics.

Within the sci-fi, community Trekkies are notorious for being known as ‘angry-fanboys’ or ‘purists’  when it comes to protecting their beloved franchise. A fact that came to light in recent years with the creation of the Kelvin timeline by J.J. Abrams.

But like all social groups, the loudest ones always get heard the most. Those fans that speak out in unrealistically negative ways against the Trek franchise are a minority group. They do not represent the feelings and ideas of the majority of Trek fans.

This distinction is important to understand because once again, we are being faced with angry hate fueled comments regarding the yet to be released Star Trek: Discovery.

I’m no fan of CBS’s All Access program and the business model surrounding Discovery, but I am huge support of the show itself.

In fact, I support all trek no matter what the platform might be. Any new game, book, comic, show or film goes towards improving the franchise as a whole. It also helps keep Trek alive and not sitting on Paramount/CBS’s vault collecting dust.

So why is ‘Discovery’ getting so much hate?

I don’t actually feel that Star Trek: Discovery is getting undue hate; just hate in general.

Imagine for a moment what the internet’s reaction to Deep Space 9 would be! Being fresh off of the heels of ST: TNG’s success and the studio announces a new Trek show without a starship and primarily on a space station.

Fans would have a conniption and the internet would explode with the phrase This isn’t Star Trek!‘” Does this kind of hate for a new Trek show sound familiar? Well, it should. That’s what a lot of people, including Trekkies, are saying about Star Trek: Discovery.

The bottom line is this: let’s judge the show based on its own merits, acting, and storytelling. Not because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like we think Star Trek should. Because guess what, that “feeling is different for each fan.

Remember the Vulcan proverb: infinite diversity in infinite combinations. 

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