Star Trek: Online Season 13: Escalation – Coming April 25th


With the huge success of Season 12: Reckoning, Cryptic Studios has announced their latest content expansion for their successful MMO, Star Trek Online.

As the battle rages on, so does the content.

Cryptic Studios has just recently unveiled their latest update to the widely popular MMO, Star Trek Online.

The new expansion, titled ‘Escalation‘, will see the return of several main characters from Season 12 short-lived story arc.

Expected to return are the peaceful ‘Lukari‘ and the deadly ‘Tzenkethi Coalition’.

Upon its launch, Season 13 promises to warp in a brand new featured episode called ‘Mirrors and Smoke’. Were, “players will journey with their Lukari companion Captain Kuumaarke as she explores her people’s past, and battles a new threat from the marauding Tzenkethi.”

Star Trek: Online Press Photo; Season 13: Escalation

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In addition to the exciting new featured episode, players will also be introduced into a PvE/PvP hybrid feature known as ‘War Games‘.

“The War Games queues will put players in head-to-head competitive PvE scenarios…. we’ve created a Player Potential system that will match you to other players in a brand new way. “

And finally, Cryptic Studios has promised to release the pending Space/Ground Combat balance updates.

These updates have been covered by our team in previous articles.

Why the rushed expansion?

Well, money.

Did you expect a different motivator?

According to SteamStats, once Season 12: Reckoning was announced the MMO saw a +344 increase of average users online.

SteamStats for Star Trek Online

Compare that to the following month of March, which saw a steep drop off of -314 average users, and you begin to see why they are rushing this expansion through development.

Most Seasons of Star Trek Online have between 7-15 episodes in them.

Also, each Season usually follows standard story-telling procedures by having a ‘beginning, middle, and end.’

But Cryptic seems to be going away from that style in favor or smaller, more high-quality Seasons. Hopefully, it pays off for them in the end.

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