Star Trek: Discovery Main Character Named Michael Burnham


We knew that Sonequa Martin-Green would play the main character in Star Trek: Discovery, but now we know the name of the first officer.


Sonequa Martin-Green will play First Officer Michael Burnham according to an official release from CBS. It’s not news that Martin-Green is the focal point of Star Trek: Discovery, it’s not even news that she is the first officer, but it is news to finally have a name for that character.

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There’s not much you can take from a name like Michael Burnham. It sounds like a pretty common place name and the CBS release didn’t offer any other details about the character. We’re sure that fact won’t slow down the internet rumor and theory machine one bit though.

Now that we have the name of Sonequa Martin-Green’s character it really looks like things are falling in line for Star Trek: Discovery. The mystery of the new Star Trek series is being unravelled bit by bit. We also now know that the captain of the Discovery will be played by Jason Isaacs and that Rainn Wilson will play infamous galactic con artist Harry Mudd.

One of the few things we haven’t seen from Star Trek: Discovery though is what the final version of the Discovery herself looks like. We saw an early version in this trailer during the Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel during last years San Diego Comic-Con.

After Comic-Con and poor reaction from fans though then showrunner Bryan Fuller said that the design of the ship in the trailer wasn’t final. It could be that they are saving the big reveal for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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