Is the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Lead Transgender?


Rumors and speculation continue to grow as Star Trek: Discovery’s launch date approaches.


Sonequa Martin-Green, set to play the lead for the Star Trek: Discovery, has hit the media circuit recently to discuss her on-screen persona. While her role is being kept under wraps, her characters name has caused a minor stir in the Trek community.

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The characters name, Lt. Micheal Burnham, has a predominantly ‘male’ connotation to it. This, along with comments from Bryan Fuller, has led many Trekkies to believe that the character is ‘transgender.’ But Star Trek is no stranger to pushing limits on what is normally seen on-screen.

From the first interracial kiss to lesbian love affairs, Star Trek continues to try and push the boundaries of social norms. The inclusion of a transgender character fits perfectly in with ideals set forth by Gene Roddenberry.

If the writers are indeed creating our first transgender Trek character, they need to do so with caution. Put too much light on her sexuality and it becomes a SJW issue; alienating your baby-boomer crowd. Not enough light will seem like they perhaps missed a chance for social commentary.

If done correctly, with discretion and purpose, then this character might just soar. I believe the main driving force behind Trek’s success is it’s ability to show us a better way. A way head, past our current prejudices and towards a brighter future.

Star Trek: Discovery needs to hit on these issues while also providing enough action to entertain a modern audience. This is no easy feat; and the odds are stacking up against them. Regardless, I still have hope for the new series. Only time will tell if they can continue the mantle of Trek and Gene’s ideals.

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So what do you think of the possibility of having a transgender main character? Let us know in the comments below!