Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection


Star Trek the graphic novel collection is a series of hardback books now available from subscription service Eaglemoss Collections; we take a look at the first 9.

Eaglemoss Collections is a brand well known to those of us who live in the UK and Europe but might not be so well known further afield. They are one of the biggest subscription services providing a wide portfolio of monthly products that cover anything from model making, military history, technology to comic book heroes and Sci-Fi and fantasy which can often be the form of hardback books, ‘build at home’ products , small scale replicas and statues. With Licenses from the likes of Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, James Bond, The Hobbit and more, it’s a one stop shop for everything the truly nerdy amongst us could want, including Star Trek.

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Eaglemoss has produced two wonderful subscription sets for Star Trek, the first being the Official Starship Collection which is a series of die-cast scale models of some of the best ships seen within the 50 years of Star Trek. All the ships are highly detailed and come with a magazine that details the ships specs and design process;  a must for all Trek fans with ships available to purchase individually.

The second collection from Eaglemoss is what we will be focusing on in this article and that is the Official Graphic Novel Collection.

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

To Celebrate 50 years of Star Trek Eaglemoss have created a series of hardback graphic novels that span across all the Trek incarnations to bring us the ultimate collection of stories.

"“Celebrating 50 Years of Classic Star Trek Graphic Novels, with this collection you can revisit all the classic characters and incredible art from the Star Trek comic archives. Every edition has a specially-commissioned introduction to provide context to the story.”"

Eaglemoss have reprinted stories that have been brought to us by the many publishers that have held the rights throughout the years, these include Marvel, DC, Malibu, Paramount Comics, Wildstrom, Tokyopop and the current incumbents IDW Publishing. Each graphic novels comes with a special introduction that gives a bit of background on the story, characters and the creative talent behind the comics as well as providing some information on the publisher and how many individual issues were printed upon its original release.

So far there has been nine novels in the collection…


The IDW miniseries that was released before the rebooted Star Trek film franchise that would go on to be called the Kelvin Timeline which goes on to cover the circumstances that drove Nero and Spock to go back in time and change everything.

The City on the Edge of Forever – The Original Teleplay

One of the most famous episodes that often tops the polls of the best of the original series. This version is based off the original teleplay that was developed before changes were made by Gene Roddenberry.


Cover image for Early Voyages.

Collecting a 4 part miniseries that featured the Next Generation crew which shows us a version of the future in which Picard remained Locutus and how the past version of himself is the key for his salvation. Seven of Nine from Voyager plays an important part in this story as well.

Spock: Reflections

Another story set before the events of the rebooted film franchise which details Spock’s motivations for trying to help the Romulan Empire from its impending doom.

TNG: The Space Between Us

This was the first set of stories created by IDW when they purchased the rights to Star Trek. The Space Between us takes place in between episodes of the Next Generation and allows us to revisit crew and characters that originally left or was killed off.


I was looking forward to reading this one. As some might know, in the rebooted film Nero, the villain of the piece was captured by the Klingons and imprisoned but this whole sequence from cut from the film. This novel tells us that story and gives us a bit more background into Nero’s past life as a miner and family man.

Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation

Does what it says, a graphic novel adaptation of the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

Starfleet Academy

Set during Kirk and Co’s academy days and focuses on Uhura investigating a mystery with the help of a new set of original cadets.

Early Voyages

Before Kirk, there was Pike. Early Voyages gives us an insight of life on the USS Enterprise under Pike’s stewardship with the miniseries also crossing over with the show’s original pilot episode.

As you would expect when it comes to graphic novels, the art work is superb with ‘Starfleet Academy‘ looking like a set of stills from an animated TV series; each story is well presente and will leave fans satisfied. As an added bonus, at the end of each novel is there is the ‘bonus feature’ of an additional story from the Gold Key Comics archives.

Page from TNG: The Space Between

Overall the collection has been great and I am very much looking forward to what’s to come in the series but I do have one minor gripe with the collection so far. With 50 years of Trek comics to choose from, I am a little disappointed that 60% of the novels released have been in relation to the Kelvin Timeline film series. Now I am a fan of the new trilogy of films but I would have liked there to be a bit more variation and I can see hardcore Trek purists being displeased with the large chunk of Kelvin related story lines, especially from those who completely disregard the new iteration of Kirk and co.

I will continue to review the Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection over the coming months, if you would like to know more about the collection and how to subscribe please visit

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