Why Is CBS Hiding Star Trek: Discovery Information?


Between losing key production staff, a lack of fan interest, and 2 missed release dates, it’s no wonder that CBS is staying tight-lipped about the new series.

When we lost Bryan Fuller as Discovery showrunner earlier this year, most fans took that as a negative sign. Then came the news that Star Trek: Discovery was going to be released only on CBS all access in the US. Then it was negative feedback about the Klingon redesign. This was followed by two missed release dates. Through all of this CBS has seemed at best disinterested in Star Trek: Discovery, and at worst downright dismissive of the franchise they continually call their “family jewels.”

So what has CBS done to quell fan concern about the show and instill a sense of stability?

Well, nothing.

Take a look around the web regarding Star Trek: Discovery news. Notice anything? Well, you shouldn’t. CBS has been noticeably absent in the blogosphere when it comes to promoting the show. In fact, other than casting announcements and information released by Bryan Fuller there hasn’t been too much official news to build interest in the show.

Even when we do hear from CBS it’s not an official announcement or trailer. Instead, like in the case of CBS Les Moonves confirming a fall launch date for Discovery, it’s a random comment. Why does there seem to be no organized push on this thing? If CBS wants Star Trek: Discovery to help make CBS All Access a successful streaming service they should be doing everything they can for the show. They should have a plan.

Why all of the hush-hush?

This is mainly speculation at this point, but it’s reasonable to assume the following reasons for a lack of advertising/information:
-Brand Recognition; it doesn’t need ads
-They don’t know how to market a show like this
-Fan backlash
-They still don’t have enough footage to release anything good
-There is so much in flux onset that there isn’t a coherent story to talk about

I can talk at length about Star Wars vs. Star Trek, but there is zero competition between the two franchises PR teams. Star Wars is clearly the winner. They know how to build hype for films and shows coming out years down the line. What do we get for Star Trek? Just a little on-set video that shows nothing and nobody.

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