Chris Pine’s Shatner impression is great


The Star Trek sketch from this week’s Saturday Night Live wasn’t very funny, but Chris Pine’s William Shatner impression makes it worth a watch.

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We were hoping there would be a Star Trek sketch in this week’s Saturday Night Live hosted by Chris Pine. SNL has a history of hilarious Trek sketches and Pine hosting the show was the perfect excuse to do another.

Unfortunately the Star Trek sketch we got was underwhelming. The set of the sketch was great and Chris Pine’s William Shatner impression was fantastic, but it just wasn’t very funny.

The Sketch focuses on Spock’s brother Spocko who happens to be the child of Sarek and a waitress from Queens. You can see where they were hoping to find the funny, it just seemed not to work.

Just focus on Pine’s Shatner impression.

It’s not that we are against Star Trek sketches, we loved William Shatner’s infamous sketch about Star Trek conventions.

The John Belushi Star Trek sketch is actually where Bones saying “Dammit Jim!” comes from. Bones never used that line in Star Trek: The Original Series, it comes from that Saturday Night Live sketch.

With this history of great Star Trek sketches we were hoping for more out of this week’s Star Trek SNL sketch. At least Chris Pine’s monologue and other sketches from the show were much better.

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