Will The Orville beat Star Trek: Discovery?


Seth MacFarlane and FOX seem to be doing everything right with their Star Trek spoof series The Orville, while CBS and Star Trek: Discovery are still floundering.

Seth MacFarlane is of course one of the best. From Family Guy to Cosmos MacFarlane knows how to put together a television show. Here are a few of the things that The Orville has going for it:

An official time slot of Thursdays at 9pm on FOX following Gotham.

The show is being broadcast on network television.

Star Trek alums like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Penny Johnson in the main cast, and other Star Trek alums like Jonathan Frakes, Robert Duncan McNeil, and Brannon Braga behind the camera.

A great full first trailer that explains what the show is going to be about.

A competent and well respected showrunner who is a huge fan of the genre in Seth MacFarlane.

Here’s what Star Trek: Discovery has going for it:

It’s officially part of Star Trek.

A trailer from months ago that we were told wasn’t in any way a final version.

A spot on CBS’ streaming service.

A popular showrunner that CBS ran off.

It feels like FOX and The Orville are doing everything right, while CBS and Star Trek: Discovery are still just completely lost. Even on our Facebook page the shares and comments for The Orville are much more positive than anything we’ve seen for Star Trek: Discovery.

The Orville is of course a comedy, but when you watch the trailer you see that although a comedy it’s also a tribute to science fiction and especially Star Trek. If MacFarlane has captured some magic with The Orville it could mean big trouble for Star Trek: Discovery. If the spoof series is wildly popular and the official series fails that’s going to say a lot about CBS’ handling of the Star Trek franchise.

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What do you think? Is The Orville set on a better course than Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.