Do Star Trek fans care about celebrity cameos?


Star Trek: Discovery is set to have some special guest cameos, but is that what Star Trek fans really want?

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Star Trek has had plenty of special guest cameos before. From the Rock to King Abdullah II of Jordan famous faces have from time to time shown up in the Federation. Sometimes these cameos are a lot of fun, sometimes like in the case of Seth MacFarlane and Kirsetn Dunst they happen before the celebrity is a celebrity.

Now Discovery seems to be getting on the cameo bandwagon. Discover producer Alex Kurtzman told Collider that you might be seeing some famous faces on the edge of Federation space in Discovery.

It’s cool that so many celebrities are fans of Star Trek, but is this really a selling point for Star Trek: Discovery? Cameos are fun, but if the series doesn’t follow the Trek tradition of telling great stories about humanity then will this really matter to Trekkies?

Star Trek fans aren’t the same as many other fanbases. Trekkies are really and truly devoted to what Trek represents. What Trekkies want out of Discovery isn’t just action, guest stars, or lens flares, but deep stories that address real issues and continue Trek’s humanist philosophy laid out by Gene Roddenberry. Trek isn’t just another franchise, you can’t just dress Paul McCartney up as a pirate and expect it to work in Trek.

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