Neil deGrasse Tyson gets pulled into the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate


Neil deGrasse Tyson just keeps getting pulled into the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, even though he’s made it very clear where he stands on the subject.

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There was once again more hullabaloo in the Enterprise vs. Millennium Falcon debate this week. A series of web videos claimed that the Falcon was the better vessel. This shouldn’t really matter to anyone, but it of course matters to some people. Star Wars fans are always so hung up on trying to be better than Star Trek, but it’s been especially bad this year. Probably because Star Trek Beyond was great and Rogue One sucked.

In response the video of Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining that the Enterprise would wipe its ass with the Millennium Falcon started making the rounds again. This video first popped up right around the time that The Force Awakens came out. The Force Awakens was of course the first good Star Wars movie in thirty two years.

Tyson wasn’t done angering the Ewoks though. A little while later he dared to criticize BB-8 in a tweet.

Clearly this man is a monster for his use of science. At this point someone should just yell “fake news” at him.

In the end it’s not a competition between Star Wars and Star Trek. Star Wars is the more popular franchise, and Star Trek is the greatest and most important science fiction franchise of all time. If it was a contest though, Star Trek would clearly win…

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