T’Kuvma and the Klingons come in peace in new trailer


CBS released an illuminating trailer for Star Trek: Discovery on Wednesday, once again giving us a look into T’Kuvma’s intent towards the Federation.

We know a few things about Star Trek: Discovery’s Klingons. We know there was a war, we know there are 24 houses being threatened atom by atom and cell by cell, and we know that T’Kuvma (who may be the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire) intends to unite the 24 great Klingon houses.

Thanks to another trailer released by CBS this week, we also know that T’Kuvma comes in peace. Whether this announcement is being made to our Starfleet vessels or is a scene in which he is speaking to a warring Klingon house remains to be seen.

Check out the trailer embedded below on our Twitter account @redshirtsdieFS:

A lot happens in these 30 seconds. The voiceover begins, “Some are born explorers, others are driven by war.” This leads into T’Kuvma’s proclamation: “We come in peace.” That leads into a firefight in space, and the trailer closes out with First Officer Michael Burnham declaring “I’m trying to save you. I’m trying to save all of you.”

The final scene shows Burnham in a space suit facing off with a Klingon in space, and the Klingon begins to swing a bat’leth-type weapon before it cuts to the Star Trek: Discovery logo.

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Star Trek: Discovery will air on CBS on September 24th at 8:30 p.m. EST. Each week thereafter it will air on CBS All Access which is a subscription service.

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