The greatest Star Trek quotes of all time

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Our collection of the greatest Star Trek quotes of all time.

Star Trek has produced some of the most memorable television and movie lines of all time. From “live long and prosper” to “…second star to the right – and straight on ’til morning.” Star Trek is the greatest science fiction franchise of all time after all, so it shouldn’t come as surprise that it has produced so many wonderful lines.

In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary we’ve been featuring Star Trek quotes each day on the Redshirts Always Die Facebook page. If you missed one of our great Star Trek quotes posts though don’t worry, because we will be keeping them all right here in our Star Trek quotes library.

It’s not just quotes from the show though, some of the Star Trek writers and actors have also had some incredible quotes from their real lives, and we will be sure to feature those as well.

Enjoy the best Star Trek quotes of all time.

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