Latest in Star Trek cosplayers from Twitter


Star Trek cosplay and fans go together like revenge and a dish served cold. Would go so far as to admit Star Trek conventions launched this whole cosplayer phenomenon? We present some of our best finds!

Attention cosplayers: Hangar bay doors closing…

Our favorite Star Trek cosplayer moment starts right here on the top. The Shuttlecraft Galileo hat! This is the coolest lid you can don. Although we’re thinking it’s not something wear on a windy day and watch out for huge hairy dudes with telephone poll-sized spears!

Red alert, red alert! This is NO drill. Repeat, this is NO DRILL!
Red vinyl. You know, you grow up and you think Uhura’s outfit in Mirror, Mirror was like the cat’s meow and then someone takes it to another level and goes to vinyl.


Always better than CD’s

Where no man has gone before: A galaxy far, far way

The away team beamed down and encountered…ah! Star Wars cosplayers! LOL

Lightsabers vs. Phasers? Who has the edge? This could be an article…

The secret life of Stephanie

We don’t know anything about Stephanie, but we do know she’s capable of pulling off classic Trek looks, a solid Data and an Andorian. Well done, Steph.

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Ensconced in velor

We’re loving the shirt, the braids on the cuffs, the badge (which looks like USS Exter), but one thing about TOS is most characters were clean-shaven.

Ever think of that?

Evil Spock had a beard.

Evil. Spock. Beard.

What does that say about beards in that century?

And hey, dude, Harcourt Fenton Mudd sports an earring.

A Klingon and a Hogwarts student walk into a mall and…

Cosplayers, here’s a question for ya: You spot a Klingon in the mall with a bat’leth, do you call the police?

99 Luftballoons?

No idea what this says in English. I suppose I could run it through the Universal Translator. The last time I thought about Star Trek and German, Nena was singing about Captain Kirk in 99 Luftballoons. But hey, cosplayers live in Germany, too!

And the rest of the cosplayers

Show us your costumes and favorite cosplay collections!

What will you be wearing at the next comic or Star Trek convention?