Will James T. Kirk Appear In Star Trek: Discovery?


There is going to be Captain Pike. There is going to be (a version of) Spock. There is going to be the USS Enterprise. Is there going to be James T. Kirk?

Star Trek: Discovery is mainly focused around Michael Burnham and the journey of the USS Discovery and her crew. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, many of us are curious about other major characters from TOS. One in particular is: James T. Kirk.

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, we are roughly at some point in the year 2257. James T. Kirk is alive and well serving aboard the USS Farragut at this time. According to Memory Alpha the USS Farragut suffered heavy casualties after being attacked by the Dikironium cloud creature in the year 2257.

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This could make for a great prequel/sequel episode. The very condensed synopsis: The USS Discovery receives a distress call from the USS Farragut. The USS Discovery’s crew comes to the aid of the USS Farragut’s crew.

There among the survivors: Lieutenant James T. Kirk. Kirk, his executive officer(The Captain of the USS Farragut, Captain Garovick was one of the casualties, TOS Episode: Obsession) , and the Discovery crew, attempt to subdue the cloud creature but are unable to as it eventually escapes from the Farragut (or the planet it was on) and vanishes into space….

This is by no means the only way to get Kirk on Star Trek: Discovery. There are endless amounts of ways that this can be accomplished. The next logical question is: Who will play the part of a young James T. Kirk?

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Most exciting option would be to use CGI to create a pre-TOS Kirk based on and voiced by, William Shatner himself. Another option is to cast the role to another young actor who at least looks like a young Mr. Shatner.

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