Star Trek Novels: Where Are They?


Many of us enjoy Star Trek novels. They have expanded upon what takes place on screen. Star Trek novels publication has been consistent with over 600 books. The following list is the most recent release of each series:

  • The Original Series had its last release in December 2016 with The Face of the Unknown.
  • The Next Generation had its last release in May 2017 with Heart and Minds.
  • Deep Space Nine had its last release in November 2017 with I, The Constable.
  • Voyager has a release scheduled for in December 2018 with To Lose the Earth.
  • Enterprise had its last release in August 2017 with Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference.
  • Discovery has a release scheduled for June 2018 with Fear Itself.
  • The Titan Series had its last release in November 2017 with Fortune of War.
  • The Seekers Series has all but officially ended with its last release in October 2015 with All That’s Left.
  • The Prometheus Series is scheduled to have the final book translation released in November 2018 with The Heart of Chaos.
  • Another work, The Autobiography off… series, has a release scheduled for October 2018 with Mr. Spock.

Where Are We Now?

The main hold up is the contract negotiation between CBS/Paramount and Simon and Schuster, who own Pocket Books. This is critical going forward as the post-Nemesis Star Trek novels are catching up to when the events described in Star Trek ’09 take place. Much of this also hinges on the recent merger talks between CBS and Paramount, that have been put on hold.

Recent events have delayed many things, including the Nicholas Meyer mini-series, and has built up hopes only to dash them with each turn of events.

IDW, which has been responsible for the comics, has done an excellent job with filing out the Kelvin Timeline and has now transitioned to Discovery. They have expanded upon the Mirror Universe during the time of The Next Generation. Last year they set up the story with Mirror Broken and are continuing the story with a series called Through the Mirror.

As with the merger talks and any other news, we will keep as up to date as possible. If you have anything to share or add, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.