Quentin Tarantino’s good idea led to unorthodox approach


Rumors continue to swirl around about Quentin Tarantino’s take on Star Trek.

It’s unorthodox for a studio to have two separate visions of a franchise in the works at the same time. That’s exactly what Star Trek is doing. The fourth Kelvin Universe Star Trek is going ahead as planned. In addition to that,  there’s the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek project. The latter the subject of much buzz and speculation about what a Quentin Tarantino helmed Star Trek might look like.

Originally there were only plans for one film, the Kelvin Universe Star Trek 4. According to Simon Pegg, Tarantino’s idea was good enough to get added to the mix.

As revealed by Pegg, there was really only the plan to have the one Trek movie in the works, but Quentin Tarantino approached Bad Robot productions with an idea that was good enough that it was allowed to go forward. Pegg didn’t’ specify whether Tarantino planned on directing the movie. He is currently busy working on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The Revenant writer, Mark L. Smith will write the screenplay.

So, I suppose we have him to thank for twice as many Star Trek films being in the works as were previously, Tarantino has spoken about his desire to do a Star Trek movie.  Previously, Tarantino has expressed interest in doing a feature-length retelling of the TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. 

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Between Star Trek 4, the Tarantino Star Trek movie, the renewal of Discovery, and the as yet on hold Nicholas Meyer project there’s going to be new Trek to look forward to for a long time. Check out here and here for what we know about the upcoming Star Trek projects. Are you excited about a Tarantino Star Trek? Nervous? Let us know in the comments.