Star Trek opera opens today in Orlando


In a move that would make Worf proud, a Star Trek opera is being presented by the Opera Orlando. They’ll be accompanied by the Orlando Philharmonic. The Star Trek opera is called Star Trek Abduction and plays today and June, 2nd at 7:30.

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Though comedic in nature, it is based on Mozart’s The Abduction of Seraglio. A 1782 opera about two kidnapped women. Josh Shaw created the show in 2014. Shaw, the co-founder of the Pacific Opera Project in Los Angeles, loved Mozart’s music. He wanted to update Mozart for a new audience. After settling on a space theme, he flirted with the idea of setting it in the Star Wars Universe but thought Star Trek would be a better fit.

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The show stars Brian Cheney channeling William Shatner for a character named Captain Belmonte. Alongside Captain Belmonte is his Vulcan second in command, Pedrillo. Robert Norman plays Pedrillo. Both Norman and Cheney have been with the production since the show’s beginning in 2014.

Fans of The Original Series should have a lot of fun with it. “It pays homage to the campiness of the original series, where they did everything on a budget,” says the company’s production manager, Grant Preisser. Expect a lot of fun and inside jokes and some fourth wall breaks by Captain Belmonte.

Among other things fans can look forward to are a large Klingon battle and of course, a ballet featuring a Gorn. No word on whether or not a Star Trek opera will be considered canon.

If you’re going to be in the Orlando area you can get tickets here. If you want to read about other upcoming Star Trek projects check here