Star Trek: The Next Generation’s The Best of Both Worlds was broadcast on this day in 1990


Today is June 18th. Which marks the anniversary of the world being introduced to Locutus of Borg. On this day in 1990the third season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, The Best of Both Worlds was first broadcast. It’s easily one of my absolute favorites by.

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I didn’t start watching The Next Generation until season five. The Game was the first episode that I saw. And I kept on watching, even though, let’s be honest, The Game is no Best of Both Worlds.

I didn’t see The Best of Both Worlds until later in the year. It was being rerun and I still had to wait an excruciatingly long time before I got to see the conclusion because our family went on vacation the next day. Had I the ability I would’ve canceled our trip to Myrtle Beach in order to see part 2, but I wasn’t in charge of such things in our family. Even though I knew that everyone in the episode ended up safe and sound I was still blown away by what I’d seen and couldn’t wait to see the conclusion. 

Can’t even imagine how fans at the time of its first broadcast must have felt.

I knew that all the characters ended up okay because I’d seen a number of episodes that took place after the events of Best of Both Worlds. Can’t even imagine how fans at the time of its first broadcast must have felt. Especially considering that Patrick Stewart returning to the show was very much up in the air at the time. 

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A few years back they rebroadcast The Best of Both Worlds in all its remastered glory in movie theaters across the country. It was right before the release of Star Trek: Beyond. I remember that one of those ended up being of my favorite trips to the theater ever, and the other one was Star Trek: Beyond. Did you see this in the theater? Let us know.