Star Trek: The Undiscovered Century


The 25th century so far has been untouched by Star Trek: The Undiscovered Century as a whole. Is this it off limits or is it being carefully avoided for future use?

The timelines of our favourite Star Trek series have so far spanned the eighteenth to twenty first centuries (various time travel stories and family histories), the twenty second century (Enterprise), the twenty third century (The Original Series & Discovery), the twenty fourth century (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager).

They have also covered from the twenty sixth century onward  to the thirty first century with various tales of the temporal Cold War and the Federation Time ships. But so far we have avoided the twenty fifth century. Why is that?

Apparently it will be pretty eventful

We know that in the twenty sixth century (of one possible timeline anyways) that the Enterprise NCC-1701-J will take part in the battle of Procyon V in an attempt to stop the sphere builders invasion of the Alpha quadrant.

This would mean that the Enterprise F, G, H and I were built and destroyed or retired over the course of the twenty fifth century. (Roughly on pace with the speed of new ships throughout the previous 150 years).

Assuming the destruction of the Romulan sun goes as planned with Spock unable to stop it we would potentially see the Romulan empire split in three, with the Tal Shiar attempting to reform the empire in their own secretive way, the reunification crowd would form the Romulan Republic and there would no doubt be millions of refugees cast out into the galaxy. (To say nothing of the Remans)

This setup would allow Romulans in Starfleet, or on various other species ships. We also now have a universe where safe and free exploration of the Gamma Quadrant is available for the first time with the dominion no longer holding their former position of power, and a Delta Quadrant which has not only been partially mapped and thorough reported on but is littered with species who may want to, for one reason or another, follow the legendary Voyager home to see where it came from.

This is a pretty intriguing setup for the galaxy…

Yet there seems to be no appetite to go there on the part of CBS.

For some reason Nemesis seems to feel like it ends at a brick wall, as far as the writers are concerned. Maybe they’re hopeful that the upcoming as of yet Untitled Jean-Luc Picard series can show them the way through…

Perhaps they’re carefully avoiding it, cultivating an untouched century for the purposes of the next big jump forward, I know I’m not alone in waiting and wishing that the powers that be would green light the Enterprise G, H or I and let us see what lies ahead.

Now I ask you, would you prefer to see more in the prequel realm, something in the twenty fifth century, or perhaps go way out there and see what they would dare to do once time ships can be a part of the story?

Also. Does Discovery Season 2 feature Romulans?. light

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