Cowboy Diplomacy – A political drama set in the Star Trek Universe


Welcome to the fourth part of The Search For Story, a series of articles where we’ll take a character, group, species, timeline, or event and look at what that might look like as a standalone series, miniseries or movie.

We’ve already covered Star Trek Galaxy, a story set in the 32nd century when the Milky Way Galaxy comes under attack from forces beyond the great barrier and the Aging Enterprise NCC-1701-V is sent to discover the cause, Starfleet Archives, a comedy series featuring Reginald Barclay working with a team of misfits in the Starfleet Archives department and Birth of the Federation, a Spy Thriller set during the founding of the Federation.

So far we’ve had some great dialogue around each one, and of course our search for a story has been answered by Alex Kurtzman, Mike McMahan and CBS All-Access with a whole new animated comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

This week we’re looking at a Political Drama set during the aftermath of the Dominion War.

Title: Cowboy Diplomacy
Inspiration: House of Cards, Star Trek: The Next Generation – Reunification
Setting: Post DS9 Alpha Quadrant

In this series we follow a team of frontline Federation diplomats during the aftermath of the Dominion war as they piece the Alpha Quadrant back together and form not only peace treaties with the former aggressors but also new alliances with their wartime partners.

The team consists of a Vulcan leader and former protegé of Ambassador Spock, named S’Vaak and his team consisting of his two assistants, one a human and accomplished diplomat, and rival for his position and the other an Andorran who comes off as more of a soldier than a diplomat.

The series opens as negotiations with the founders wrap up, and S’Vaak is promoted to his new role as a team leader and full fledged ambassador, though he doesn’t see the logic in being paired with the seemingly mismatched ensemble team he agrees and sets off on their first mission to the Roman home world, Romulus to establish a post war relationship.

Naturally as a former protegé of Spock S’Vaak will be approached by those who are interested in Romulan Vulcan reunification, we will follow as S’Vaak goes from not trusting his team, believing that one is gunning for his job and the other may just be looking for another war but ultimately they will come together as they go through some tense and dangerous situations.

It’s not all closed-door negotiations…

As their confidence grows, they will be sent into conflict zones where their resolve and bravery are tested. We would expect to see some danger on Cardassia Prime and Breen following their fall from the Dominion, and some possible cameos as they visit Deep Space Nine and Bajor.

While the basis of the show is the diplomatic conflicts that arise after the war the end of the war certainly doesn’t mean that everyone has powered down their phasers.

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