IDW Star Trek comic solicitations for March 2019


IDW Publishing has released their solicitations for March of next year and Star Trek fans have a trio of titles to look forward to.

Once again, the solicitations for what comic book fans can expect at their local comic shop have arrived. In this case they are for March of 2019, which considering Christmas has just passed may seem a bit odd, but such is the way the comic book industry works.

IDW Publishing has its usual assortment of creator-owned titles along with a multitude of books based on various media properties, including Ghostbusters, Magic: the Gathering, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and of course, Star Trek.

For March, Trek Nation has three titles to look forward to picking up at your local comic shop. The solicitations include two regular comics as well as a trade paperback.

First up is Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 3, which is IDW’s biggest Star Trek event yet. Focused on the enigmatic Q, it takes readers from one end of the Star Trek universe to the other, including the first ever meeting of all five captains in one Trek event.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 3 is written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton with interior art and cover by David Messina.

Cover of Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 3 (Image: IDW)

Next is Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019, which will once again give readers four stories from the corners of Star Trek that might not otherwise been seen. Previous Waypoint specials have always been incredibly entertaining and this issue looks like it will keep with that tradition.

Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019 is written by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward, Thom Zahler, Stephen Mooney, Corinna Bechko. The art will be by Malachi Ward, Stephen Mooney, Andy Price, Daniel Irizarri with a cover by Stephen Mooney.

Cover for Star Trek Waypoint Special 2019 (Image: IDW)

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And finally is the Star Trek vs. Transformers trade paperback. The 120 page book will collect the entire miniseries that saw the crew of the Enterprise from the animated Star Trek televsion show do battle with the Transformers from the 1980s cartoon.

Let’s be honest here. I don’t think anyone is going to say no to seeing Captain Kirk and Optimus Prime working together to defeat Megatron and the Klingons. This book is light-hearted Trek at its best.

Star Trek vs. Transformers is written by John Barber and Mike Johnson with art by Philip Murphy and Jack Lawrence with a cover by Derek Charm.

Cover of Star Trek vs. Transformers TPB (Image: IDW)

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So make room on your bookshelf and set aside some reading time. And look for previews from each of the three titles listed above the week they are schedules to arrive in stores right here on Redshirts Always Die.