Would you watch a Captain Robau Star Trek series?


With a universe of options for new Star Trek streaming projects, a series focused on Captain Robau seems like it could be a win/win for everyone.

Unless you’re a pretty hardcore Star Trek fan, you probably thinking “Who the hell is Captain Robau and why should I care?”

And that is a valid question. For those who may consider themselves on the more casual side of Star Trek fandom, a quick primer.

Portrayed by actor Faran Tahir, Richard Robau was the captain of the U.S.S. Kelvin in the opening moments of the 2009 Star Trek reboot directed by JJ Abrams. His screen time lasted mere minutes but they were some seriously impactful minutes. He had to deal with Nero and his monstrous ship the Narada, agreed to go over to negotiate some kind of truce and eventually gave his life to try and protect his ship and crew.

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Watching that, it seems obvious that a series focused on Captain Robau and the U.S.S. Kelvin would be a perfect fit for what CBS All Access is trying to do.

“But, Robau is dead, isn’t he?” is the question I can hear everyone asking. In the Kelvin Timeline, yes. The good Captain met his end at the hand of Nero and left his ship in the hands of George Kirk, who managed to save 800 lives before sacrificing his own.

The key words there are “In the Kelvin Timeline.” Whose to say what happened to Captain Robau and the Kelvin in the Prime Timeline fans know and love so well? At this point we don’t even know if Romulus will be destroyed, setting the events of 2009’s Star Trek into motion.

Sure, seeing the return of Captain Picard in a new series is great and all and the new animated series Lower Decks could be a ton of fun. And we’ve already talked about how special niche projects like a Star Trek: Enterprise movie could please a lot of fans. But at some point CBS and Trek showrunner Alex Kurtzman will have to look well beyond the confines of The Next Generation or expanding the world of Star Trek: Discovery.

Looking to untapped characters from the 2009 reboot and bringing them into the Prime Timeline could be a great way to do that. You please longtime Trekkers as well of fans of the movie reboot at the same time, unifying two fanbases that haven’t always seen eye to eye.

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The bottom line is that the producers will need to find new heroes, new ships and strange new worlds to continue to make the monthly subscription fee for CBS All Access worth the money. The Adventures of Captain Robau could be just what the doctor ordered.