The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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‘He’s dead Jim!’ – Are there any words from Star Trek which have better permeated our culture? Well maybe, but nobody ever actually said ‘Beam me up Scotty’

Death is a constant, unfortunately as we move through our lives we lose people who are important to us, sometimes these losses can make us stronger but that does little to remove the pain of the original loss.

Much like in life as we watch our favourite shows characters and actors die along the way, and just as with life the longer it goes the greater the losses.

Some of those deaths can have a greater impact on the franchise than others, whether it’s through the loss of a valued friend and colleague, or through the way their deaths can help to propel other characters and the storyline forward.

With that in mind we will now look at the top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek History,