The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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04. Edith Keeler

One of the most important figures in history, Edith died a nobody and saved humanity in doing so.

The amazing thing about Edith Keeler is that had she lived long enough to be important she would have been the end of our civilization as we know it, only by dying as an unimportant person could she be the linchpin that propelled us towards the final frontier.

Her death certainly has an impact on all three men who traveled back to meet her, in that going with their good nature and wish to help those in need was the one way they would doom humanity. It’s well explored in the Star Trek novels that her passing had a lasting impact on Kirk, and no doubt it also haunted Doctor McCoy.

Throw in the fan theory that the timeline in which she lived is also the mirror universe and she could be the most impactful death in Star Trek history.