The Top 20 most impactful deaths in Star Trek history

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14. Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax

One of the original core cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the death of Jadzia Dax should rank higher on the list, except for one thing, the writers tried their best to lower the impact.

Dax’s death was in many ways unfair, both to Terry Farrell and to the character, the former powers that be for the Star Trek franchise have been noted many times for the unfair ways they have treated actors who wished to change their level of participation in their series. One could argue that Wesley Crusher may have become a more beloved character had it not been for Rick Berman’s poor treatment of Will Wheaton, and the same is true for Terry Farrell’s Jadzia Dax, although she was a better written and longer lasting character by the time her character came to an end.

Dax essentially died for nothing, similar to how Tasha Yar had died years earlier, she was killed and stepped over by Gul Dukat as callously as Armus had done years earlier.

Whats more one episode later Dax would return as Ezri Dax, a new host carrying the same symbiont as Jadzia, with all of her memories intact. While the characters continued to grieve for Jadzia they also began to reform their friendships with Dax, all save for her husband Worf, who often seems to be the one most impactful by the deaths on this list.