Rainn Wilson talks about returning as Mudd in The Escape Artist


In a recent interview, Rainn Wilson discusses returning to Discovery as Harry Mudd and sitting in the director’s chair for The Escape Artist.

When most people think of Rainn Wilson, they immediately are flooded with thoughts of Dwight Schrute. The character was an unforgettable part of The Office during its entire nine year run and a huge reason why is Wilson and what he brought to the role.

However, if Wilson isn’t careful he will start to be remembered for another role, one already made famous by Roger C. Carmel in the original Star Trek television show. One Wilson has already made his own in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

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That would be none other than Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

Wilson made his debut as Harry Mudd during Discovery‘s first season to a very enthusiastic response, appearing twice and giving the role his own unique spin. Wilson’s Mudd is much more dangerous and devious than the character was before, played less for laughs and with many more dimensions.

Now Wilson is returning to the world of Discovery for the final Star Trek: Short Treks mini-episode titled “The Escape Artist.” This time the actor will also be directing the action as he steps behind the camera. The story features Mudd trying out a new con as he attempts to escape from a ship filled with people who aren’t overly fond of him.

Wilson recently spoke to Star Trek.com about how the idea of him directing “The Escape Artist” came about.

"“I had been in discussions with the Discovery gang about coming back and doing more Harry Mudd and then this short just fell into my lap. I read it and I was like, “This is brilliant. This is absolutely hysterical and strange and exciting.” And then they offered to have me direct it as well. So, I was thrilled at the opportunity. It was an incredible learning opportunity. I’d directed three episodes of The Office before, but The Office was pretty simple. This one was a lot more demanding.”"

Wilson also talks about how if it’s up to him, viewers will be seeing a lot more of his Harry Mudd in the future.

"“I would love to be back on the show. I would love to do more Star Trek and more Harry Mudd. I think the evolution is keeping the audience on their toes. You don’t know if you’re supposed to be laughing or if you’re supposed to be afraid for your life. He’s a master of illusion. He’s a conman, and nothing is ever as it seems to be with Harry Mudd. That’s what’s really exciting about him, and I hope that we’re able to play with that aspect of his character in the future.”"

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It’s safe to say that if Wilson wants to return as Mudd, the producers would be foolish to say no. Star Trek: Short Treks – “The Escape Artist” debuts tonight at 9:30 EST on CBS All Access.