Pixomondo shows off Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 VFX work


Visual effects company Pixomondo takes a well deserved victory lap and showcases their work on Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 in new video.

There are members of Trek Nation who absolutely love Star Trek: Discovery and there are other members who hate Discovery more than just about anything in the world. As they say, you can’t please everyone.

However, one thing no one can argue is that Discovery is one of the best looking Star Trek series in the history of the franchise. And that includes all the movies. The visuals are some of the most elaborate ever seen in a science-fiction television series, thanks in no small part to the fact Discovery is streaming instead of on regular television and the increased budget as a result. More importantly, Discovery looks like no other Star Trek series before which, some will say, is a good thing.

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Much of the credit for that look goes to the visual effects company Pixomondo. The company, founded in Germany in 2001, won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2012 for their work on Hugo and is also well known for their work on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

For Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery, Pixomondo worked on over 1600 visual effects ranging from the Battle of the Binary Stars to Michael Burnham’s awe-inspiring spacewalk to a futuristic Paris. Odds are if it looked really cool and made your jaw drop, than Pixomondo had a hand in creating it.

Now Pixomondo has released a breakdown reel of some of the work they did on Discovery Season 1. It’s a great behind the scenes look at how some of those now classic sequences came to be created, one step at a time.

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While the video can’t show everything Pixomondo did, it is a great taste of just some of the VFX work that was done on the series. And the best part? Pixomondo is back to work on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2. Which from the trailers that have been released, looks just as good if not better than Season 1.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 arrives on CBS All Access in just a few short weeks on January 17.