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Star Trek Nemesis

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Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Production Budget: $60,000,000
Worldwide Box office: $67,312,826
Total Profit: $7,312,826
Return on Investment: 12.2%

The last entry in the Star Trek: the Next Generation movie franchise appears to have been the end for a reason, with an ROI of just 12.2% fans clearly voted with their wallets and chose not to support this film.

Remembering back to when this movie was in production and being afflicted with the Star Trek Curse myself I recall initially being excited at the prospect of another even-numbered movie in the franchise, it was going to be, in my mind, the perfect follow-up to all that had come before, and knowing there was always the possibility that it would be the last movie in the series as the cast were beginning to talk, however quietly, about moving on from the characters, it was bound to be amazing.

When Stuart Baird was signed on to direct, I remember initially being worried, he said the right things but he didn’t come off to me as a fan. Things would only get worse with rumours of trouble behind the scenes and strange comments in the media about making big changes to the Star Trek formula.

Ultimately waiting in line to enter the theatre, I wasn’t sure what to expect, hopes were high, but expectations were set to stun. It’s safe to say it wasn’t the end the Next Generation crew deserved, but it was the end of their run for a reason.

With the retcon of a new race brothers or slaves to the Romulan’s, the Remans we were skeptical for a reason, it seemed like and was a completely unnecessary addition to the Romulan lore to have this never mentioned group completely under their control, there was no reason, if the writers insisted on having a clone of Picard he needed to be working in the mines with a different race, and less reason to believe the Romulan Senate could be so easily destroyed and conquered by this slave simply by killing the sitting members. This appears to have been a case of wanting to patch a broken version Roman history on the Romulan Empire.

With a profit of only $7 million in change it was and remains by far the worst return in franchise history.