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Star Trek Insurrection

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Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

Production Budget: $70,000,000
Worldwide Box office: $117,800,000
Total Profit: $47,800,000
Return on Investment: 68.3%

The second last entry in the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie franchise comes in at #12, while it still managed a reasonable profit of nearly $48 million, not the worst return in dollars up to that point, it had the worst return on investment up until that point in the series with 68.3%

Following the great previous entry, Star Trek: First Contact and maintaining the same director, Jonathan Frakes there was no question this was going to be the one to break the Odd Even Curse and finally deliver a great odd-numbered movie.

While it wasn’t the instant classic fans hoped, it was a deeper story, somewhat similar to what we’d expect from an episode of the series, in many ways it was more Trek then the other movies in the series, but it suffered from a few issues with the writing having had several different storylines merged and adjusted after some of the cast had complained about the lack of scope within the story.

For a time it was going to be a story about Romulan’s, a race we never saw fully developed in the Star Trek movies, despite high hopes we would finally see them go one on one with a Starfleet vessel, it ultimately didn’t pan out and what was left wasn’t the great story it could have been. This is likely the reason Star Trek: Insurrection comes in #12 on the list.