Star Trek : Alex Kurtzman is the worthy successor to Gene Roddenberry

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Star Trek Discovery Production Still

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The return to the small screen, or the small stream.

Brian Fuller was brought on to develop a new series for CBS, but this time it would be as a kickstart to their streaming service CBS All-Access. However before the first episode ever aired Fuller was somewhat mysteriously removed from the project and replaced with two show-runners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts.

Berg and Harberts were noted for creating a hostile work environment and were removed as show-runners at the end of the first season, replaced by Alex Kurtzman who had some level of involvement since Fuller had first been brought onboard.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Preview.

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CBS All-Access is doomed anyways…

Simply put, no, it’s not. CBS has doubled down on the service and will continue to invest in its growth and prosperity, as more shows are added the value of the service will only increase.

Disclaimer: I don’t live in the United States, I don’t have access to All-Access, I get my Star Trek on a traditional cable connection, on basic satellite and available free streaming on my local carrier channel. The rest of the world gets their Star Trek in a similar way or via Netflix.

CBS draws their funding for these shows through deals with distributors internationally, and through their subscription service, and as we’ve previously discussed, the budgets are outstanding. You don’t spend $120 million on a 15 episode season of anything without stable funding, hate all you want, budgets are business and these people aren’t business rookies.

Now this isn’t to say that the shows won’t eventually find a home on traditional television, or on a secondary streaming service in the US, I firmly believe that they will, but Streaming isn’t something they forced on us, it’s something WE demanded. Let’s not pretend otherwise just to feign outrage over a few dollars a month, we shell out a lot more for other things, even things that are bad for us, and cable was never free.