Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Peck discuss Spock and Burnham


In the latest installment of “Moments of Discovery” Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Peck talk about the dynamic between their characters.

Ever since the first episode of Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery arrived on CBS All Access, fans have been kinds/sorta patiently waiting for when Michael Burnham would reunite with her foster brother, Spock.

Because from the moment is was revealed that Michael Burnham was a daughter of Sarek, one never once mentioned by Spock anywhere, Star Trek fandom pretty much collectively flipped their lid.

How could Spock have a human sister? Why had he never mentioned her? Why had Sarek never talked about her? And most importantly, where the hell was Sybok during all this?

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While we may never get answers about Sybok, the second season of Discovery promised at least some answers when it came to the Burnham/Spock relationship. It was revealed early on that the character would play a role in Season 2 and that Ethan Peck would be picking up the baton from the legendary Leonard Nimoy and donning the pointed ears.

Now, as Discovery moves into the second half of the season, fans are finally getting some answers. And if Thursday’s episode “If Memory Serves” is any indication, watching Burnham and Spock go at each other is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

In the latest edition of “Moments of Discovery” Sonequa Martin-Green and Peck talk about the dynamic between not only their characters, but the two of them as actors. And it sounds as if the two got along famously from day one.

"“I remember the first time I saw her I had come out from my makeup test and I was just kind of wide eyed visiting the sets and doing a fitting. It’s so, there’s so much here. The scope and scale of this is immense. And the first thing she said, she like screamed across the parking lot and was like ‘Ethan! and came up to me and gave me a big hug and she’s just so available.”"

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The instant chemistry and easy back and forth was one of the best parts of “If Memory Serves” and is something I hope will continue throughout the rest of Season 2. The Red Angel is still out there and it looks like things are about to kick into high gear as we head towards the end of the season.

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