Redshirts Roundtable: The Outlook of Star Trek Discovery

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Star Trek Discovery Season 2 – Captain Pike and Michael Burnham

David Goodman:

So, when it comes to Star trek I’m in the minority in that canon doesn’t matter to me. At all. I couldn’t care less if the tech looks different or some of the story aspects don’t make sense. It’s part of why I loved Enterprise and was intrigued by the idea of Discovery.

That said, given all the problems the show seemed to have before even getting out of space dock I was worried about what the finished product might look like. Would the show be any good or would it be a mess of ideas and concepts with nothing tying them together?

After finishing watching Season 1 I can say that it was definitely the former. While the show did have some bumps overall the first season was well worth the price of admission. Plus it gave me my new favorite Star Trek character, Cadet Sylvia Tilly.

However, I don”t think I was prepared for the jump in quality we’ve seen in Season 2. The stories are better, the characterizations are deeper and overall everything has been turned up to 11 (Bonus points if you get the reference.)

We’ve still got a handful of episodes left and after “Project Daedalus” I feel emotionally worn out.

And I totally agree with what James said about Captain Pike. Easily the best addition to Season 2 by a mile and surprisingly so. However, it makes me wonder about Season 3 and who might be the captain of Discovery then, since you would have to assume Pike will be heading back to Enterprise by the end of the season. And hopefully into a spinoff of his own.

Overall, Discovery Season 2 has been an improvement on the first season in almost every way. I still think the whole concept of the Spore Drive is dumb, but that’s just my opinion.