The cast of Star Trek: Discovery answers fan questions


All season long Star Trek: Discovery has been taking questions submitted by fans online and the cast recently answered a couple via Twitter.

Whether you love or hate Star Trek: Discovery, you can’t argue that the cast and crew have made themselves incredibly available to the fans. Almost the entire cast is on social media and have dealt with the haters and gatekeepers with nothing but class while thoughtfully engaging with the people who watch and enjoy Discovery.

In addition, CBS has kept an almost nonstop stream of behind the scenes content flowing from day one. From brief interview clips with the cast to production notes to The Ready Room, the new Discovery interview show on Facebook that arrives after a new episode debuts.

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It’s really a new level of access for Star Trek fans the world over and something that is very welcome in this nearly nonstop news cycle.

Plus, it’s always fun to get some behind the scenes information about your favorite show from the cast themselves.

Something else CBS has been doing this season is taking questions online from fans for the cast of Discovery. And surprisingly, most of them have been pretty good.

A fan with an outtsanding Twitter hanlde asked Sonequa Martin-Green how she sees the character of Michael Burnham growing and evolving within Starfleet.

Then there are the silly yet funny questions, such as why Burnham and Ensign Sylvia Tilly are still roommates despite Burnham getting a promotion.

One fan asked Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Martin-Green when did it finally sink in that you were a part of Star Trek.

And most recently the trio was asked what their favorite episode of Star Trek was, not including Discovery.

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As you can see, the three cast members had a lot of fun with the questions and really put some thought into the answers. Considering how much flack Discovery has had to take since it was first announced, it’s sometimes amazing how good natured the cast still is towards the fans.

Just another sign that Star Trek fans are some of the best in all of fandom.