Sonequa Martin-Green discusses the Red Angel’s identity


In a new video, Sonequa Martin-Green talks about what it was like for Michael Burnham to learn the true identity of the Red Angel.

SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 follow! Tread cautiously!

Yep. It’s been over a week and Star Trek Nation is still talking about the big reveal of the identity of the Red Angel on Star Trek: Discovery.

Who can blame them really? Guesses had been running the gamut from Spock to a future Michael Burnham to Kirk to just about every character in the history of Star Trek. So when the truth about the Red Angel was revealed and it was shown to be Burnham’s mother who everyone thought was dead, it shook fans to their core.

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And if you thought it shook Trekkers to their cores, imagine what it did to Michael Burnham herself.

Much of “Perpetual Infinity” dealt with the aftershocks of the truth being exposed and dealing with the fact Control was looking to wipe out all sentient life. But while all that was going on, Burnham dealt with the fact her whole world was turned upside down. Her whole existence and who she was revolved around the fact she felt responsible for the death of her mother and suddenly, that was no longer the case.

In a new video shared on the Discovery Twitter feed, Sonequa Martin-Green talks about the big reveal and how for Burnham, it shuts the door on her past and opens a new one to her future.

"“It was not only absolving that I was able to put the guilt to rest, because I was just wrong about what happened, I was also able to see myself in a new way and therefore see my potential in a new way.”"

It sure sounds like the Michael Burnham we all grew to love in the first season of Discovery will soon be no more. Instead she will be replaced by a new, more emotional Burnham not weighed down by the guilt of her past.

Of course, there are still a couple of episodes to go before the big season finale, which it has been promised will answer a ton of questions while setting the series in a new and different direction. What that direction may be is still shrouded in secrecy, but many fans already feel it may involve a certain cybernetic race that we’ve all seen before.

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We shall all find out soon enough. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 continues this Thursday on CBS All Access.