IDW announces a new Star Trek: Discovery miniseries


At Wondercon IDW announced plans for a new Star Trek: Discovery miniseries that, unfortunately, they can’t tell you anything about.

This past weekend WonderCon took place in California and from reports, a good time was had by all. IDW Publishing was in attendance and, lucky for all of us, they spilled some details about plans for their Star Trek line of comics.

The big news was that in August fans can look forward to a brand new Star Trek: Discovery miniseries from the publisher. As for any further details about the title, IDW revealed … nothing. Apparently all information about the new Discovery book will have to wait until the second season finale has aired in a few weeks.

Thankfully was able to pry a bit more information from IDW editor Chase Marotz. The new series will last three issues and will be written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer, who also wrote the previous Star Trek: Discovery comics.

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In addition to a new Discovery comic, IDW also spoke about the upcoming Star Trek: Year Five during a “Inside the Writers’ Room” panel. Set to arrive in comic shops later this month, Year Five will tell the previously untold story of the final year of the Enterprise‘s original mission as well as their return to Earth.

Unlike other comics, Year Five will have a writer’s room of sorts handling the storytelling for the series. The group will be headed up by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and the latter spoke at WonderCon about how the writing will work and what fans can expect from the series.

"“We are going to be rotating each couple of issues to tell stories about things that would operate as a single [episodes] and take you through a season of television. It will be a lot more serialized than The Original Series was, while still hearkening back to what the episode-by-episode storytelling that we love from TOS.“To me it is one of the greatest unanswered questions of Star Trek canon: how did the five-year mission end? How did we end up where we begin in Star Trek: The Motion Picture? How do these characters – the last time we saw them in season three – function so strongly as a faSmily and so strongly as a crew. How do we then find them splintered – particularly with Spock – at the beginning of The Motion Picture?”"

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As well as talk about the writing, IDW also revealed that each issue will have a variant cover done by artist J.J. Lendl. The plan is for each storyline to last two issues, with Year Five running for two years. If you do the math, that will be a grand total of 24 issues, or 12 “episodes” by the time the series finishes.

Star Trek: Year Five No. 1 arrives in comic shops and on digital devices later this month. The new Star Trek: Discovery comic miniseries arrives sometime in August.