Star Trek 2009 – 10 years later, 10 reasons it’s better! (And 5 reasons it’s not)

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Star Trek the Next Generation Face of the Enemy

06: Better: Romulan’s Warned?

With 154 years between the attack on the USS Kelvin and the destruction of Romulus we hope that the Federation manages to get a message to the Romulans warning them of their pending fate, if they can it may fundamentally change the balance of power in the quadrant..

The Romulans have always been considered to be the closest thing to an even match for Starfleet, perhaps even with a small advantage. We don’t really know because we haven’t seen a shooting war with them in a very long time. Balance of Terror made it pretty well even, Star Trek Enterprise made them seem a little more advanced, and Star Trek The Next Generation again was a wash, Starfleet could partially penetrate the cloak the Romulans seemed pretty confident in their tactics, but it never happened.

Now imagine for a moment that the Federation know the Romulan star will go nova in 2387, and it’s now 2233. That gives 154 years to help them avoid their fate. And one might even assume that if we can save their entire way of life and all of their people we might just earn their trust and even become friends.

At the very least it’s an intriguing possibility that’s clearly been purposely left ambiguous during the Kelvin Timeline movies leaving it open for future writers to tackle on their own terms. Romulans replacing Klingons as the allies during Kelvin The Next Generation? A half Romulan engineer aboard Kelvin Voyager? anything is possible.

Because this opens a whole new world of possibilities for the storytellers and perhaps even leads to a better life for some of the characters we’ve seen lost to the Romulans over the years we have to rank this possibility as better for the Kelvin Timeline.