Star Trek 2009 – 10 years later, 10 reasons it’s better! (And 5 reasons it’s not)

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Star Trek Amok Time Kirk and Spock meet the Vulcans

08: Worse: Lost Allies

Unfortunately in making significant changes to the timeline our favourite characters have lost a number of key allies in the fight for peace and prosperity in the galaxy. The largest and most notable loss of an ally is, of course, the Vulcan’s. Sure we got away from the crazy Vulcan missions we discussed earlier at number 14, but they were truly more then just the strange uncle of the Star Trek universe.

Vulcan’s had, for all their faults, been humanity’s greatest ally for 195 years at the time of their destruction, they made first contact with us in 2063 and within less than a hundred years we had the NX-01 Enterprise flying off on her maiden voyage to the Klingon home world at warp 5.  They may have been accused of holding back our progress, but their hearts…. their logic was in the right place, they wanted to make sure we kept ourselves safe as we grew to become true and equal partners with them.

But the Vulcan’s weren’t our only lost allies, changes to the timeline will also most likely lead to a major change in our relationships throughout the quadrant, as we discussed in our recent fantasy casting of the Kelvin timeline version of Star Trek The Next Generation it’s unlikely that the Klingon – Federation Cold War we saw in Star Trek The Original Series ever ended as it had by Star Trek The Next Generation which would have kept Worf out of Starfleet. It may also have lead to a very different relationship with the Cardassian’s.

Because this leaves our favourite characters without the allies they’ve relied upon so heavily during times of crisis and need over the entire run of the franchise, and leaves the writers less options for providing backup to characters in need we rank the loss of allies as worse for the Kelvin timeline .