First teaser for Star Trek: Picard drops


Information about the much-anticipated Star Trek: Picard series has been gathering speed this past week with the reveal of the official show title and some leaked on location set photos, but now we have an official first teaser trailer.

So here it is! The first screened public footage from Star Trek: Picard and it tells us…. Well not very much in truth, which is the whole point of a teaser.

Having watched the trailer I feel that I kind of already had an idea that this was where the show would start off. We didn’t know that Picard has left Starfleet although that had been one of the many rumors for a potential storyline since the show’s announcement. Reasons why he might have left have all been confirmed with this trailer, although there seems to be a darker element to Picard’s separation from the organization he once held so dear.

However, from what we know of Picard’s family history – the death of his brother and nephew, who tended the vineyards of Picard’s family (Star Trek Generations)- and the future history shown to us in the Next Generation finale “All Good Things” it makes sense that Picard would be taking his brother’s place in producing wine the family had been producing for generations and using this as a springboard for the series.

Along with the trailer we also have our first official poster which plays on the vineyard vibe, which I have to say I really like.

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One thing I can say for sure is that the trailer has me excited for nothing else other than the fact the show is a reality and that Picard is returning to our screens soon, and it’s good to know that ties will still be a thing in the future. I like a good tie.

Star Trek: Picard is expected to debut this fall on CBS All Assess.