Alice Eve returns as Carol Marcus for Star Trek Fleet Command


Not seen since Star Trek Into Darkness, Alice Eve has reprised her role as Dr. Carol Marcus in a new promo for Star Trek Fleet Command.

One of the few highlights of Star Trek Into Darkness was the introduction of the Kelvin Timeline version of Dr. Carol Marcus.

In the Prime Timeline, the character was played Bibi Besch and first introduced to viewers in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. She and James Kirk had a son together and in the film she was in charge of Project Genesis. After Wrath of Khan the character was not seen again despite Besch’s desire to return and tie up loose ends concerning the Marcus/Kirk relationship.

In the Kelvin Timeline, Dr. Carol Marcus is portrayed by Alice Eve and while Wrath of Khan showed two people with much history behind them, Into Darkness instead showed the beginnings of the relationship.

Unfortunately, the Carol Marcus character was not included in the screenplay for Star Trek Beyond so it’s likely that Into Darkness will be the first and last appearance of the Kelvin version of Carol Marcus.

Or will it?

On Tuesday Eve released a promo video on her Instagram for the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command. It included her briefly reprising her role as Carol Marcus as well as playing herself.

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Ironically, given the fact that the chances of more Kelvin Timeline films being made grows more remote by the day, Fleet Command may represent the best chance fans have of seeing more stories set in that universe.

The game is being written by Mike Johnson, who also wrote the Star Trek comics book series Star Trek Boldly Go for IDW, which took place after Star Trek Beyond. In a Facebook Q&A last November, Johnson mentions that the game, which takes place in the Kelvin Universe, will go further than the events in the film.

"It starts just before Star Trek Beyond. Our story will encompass the events of Beyond, and then we’ll go… beyond Beyond."

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So with any luck, we may get more Dr. Carol Marcus in our collective future. Star Trek Fleet Command is available now on both the App Store and on Google Play.