David Mack added as consultant on Star Trek: Lower Decks


Noted Star Trek author David Mack has revealed that he is a consultant on both Star Trek: Lower Decks and another untitled Trek animated series.

There is a very good chance that if you have read any of the numerous Star Trek tie-in novels that have been produced over the years, then you are familiar with the work of author David Mack.

Mack has written more Star Trek novels than can possibly be listed here, but some of his key contributions are A Time to Kill and A Time to Heal as well as co-creating the Star Trek: Vanguard series with editor Marco Palmieri. In addition Mack wrote the ridiculously good Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, which reshaped the Star Trek novel timeline in massive ways.

So it’s safe to say that David Mack knows his Star Trek.

Which is probably why the folks at CBS decided it was a good idea to get him involved with some of the new Star Trek projects that are on the way.

Mack has announced via his Twitter feed that he has been brought on as a consultant for both Star Trek: Lower Decks as well as another of the new animated projects that has yet to be announced.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is one of a handful of new animated Star Trek projects coming from Alex Kurtzman and the rest of the gang at CBS. It is a half-hour animated comedy that will follow the support crew on one of the least-important starships in Starfleet. It is being created by Mike McMahan of Rick and Morty fame and it is widely expected fans will get their first glimpse of the series at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

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As for the other unnamed series, one has to assume it is the one being aimed at younger viewers for Nickelodeon. That seems like something right up Mack’s alley and hopefully Kurtzman will realize the resource he has available to him and Mack will actually write a few episodes.

Adding a talent such as Mack can only be considered a plus. The man has a working knowledge of not just the official canon Star Trek stuff but untold amounts of the unofficial non-canon material as well. Who knows what we might see in Lower Decks now?

David Mack has written some of my favorite Star trek novels of all time and knowing he is consulting on a pair of new Star Trek projects makes them both must see television.

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It is currently unknown when Star Trek: Lower Decks or the other animated Star trek series will premiere. However, that could change after SDCC so keep it here on Redshirts Always Die for updates.