Picard has a dog and everyone is losing their minds


The biggest headline from the release of the first Star Trek: Picard poster is that the former captain of the USS Enterprise has a dog.

Last Wednesday, CBS All Access released the first key art (aka poster) for Star Trek: Picard. It’s a sharp piece of artwork, basically taking the teaser that was released lat month an putting it into poster form.

The idea behind releasing the poster was to begin to get the hype machine up and running for the premiere of Picard, which should be happening later this year. In addition, Picard is set to figure prominently in the “Enter the Star Trek Universe” panel at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Most people are guessing that the first full trailer for the show will make its debut at the con and the release of the poster is a great way to wet the appetites of the fans.

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And for the most part the plan worked, except for one minor thing.

Picard now has a dog and it’s all the internet can talk about.

Yes, that is the biggest takeaway from the release of the Picard poster. The former captain of the Enterprise now has a doggie and people are going a bit nuts.

The fact that Picard now has a furry best friend shouldn’t come as all that shocking when you come right down to it. By the time we meet Picard, it has been 15 years since the incident that made him leave Starfleet and everything he knew behind. And even before that, Picard had been through the ringer, being assimilated by the Borg, dealing with Q and losing his brother and nephew to a fire.

The poor guy has dealt with some serious crap over the years.

So it makes a lot of sense that Picard would now have a pooch as a way to help him deal with the traumatic events of his life.

Plus there is the fact that Sir Patrick Stewart himself has long been an advocate for fostering dogs and helping rescue organizations. If you follow Stewart on any of his social media accounts, they are overflowing with pictures and videos of the actor and his furry friends.

Trek fandom also seems obsessed with finding out what the dog’s name is. In the poster it’s wearing a tag in the shape of the Starfleet delta with a No. 1 engraved on it, so some people have assumed the dog’s name is Number One. Others think the dog’s name should be Mr. Woof while some feel it should be Darmock or Crusher.

Personally, I’m thinking Picard has multiple dogs and he’s using the Borg naming system as a result of his time as Locutus. Dog One of Five, Dog Two of Five, etc.

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Hopefully we’ll all find out more about the latest and most popular addition to Star Trek canon in the coming weeks. San Diego Comic-Con begins next week while Star Trek: Picard arrives on CBS All Access later in 2019.