Preview: Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 6 from IDW


The Q Conflict is at an end and IDW Publishing has provided us with a nine page preview of the final issue of the huge event miniseries.

When IDW Publishing announced Star Trek: The Q Conflict, a six-issue miniseries that would see all four starship captains meet and interact, it was pretty much every Trekkers dream. Only in comics could something like this happen and IDW pulled out all the stops.

For five issues the casts of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager have played the games set out by Q and his near omnipotent allies. But as the contest nears a conclusion, the captains have a plan of their own that could mean their salvation.

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Each issue of The Q Conflict has been more entertaining than the last and visually the miniseries has been one of the best looking Star Trek comics in recent years. And that’s really saying something.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and this week sees Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 6 arrive on comic book store shelves. The conclusion of this event miniseries promises big action, big drama and widescreen heroics usually reserved for a theater near you.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict is written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton with interior art and cover by David Messina.

"From the IDW solicitation:This is it—the grand conclusion of the biggest Star Trek crossover ever. As the godlike beings prepare for the final round of their games, the captains have their own surprise in store for their powerful tormentors—and they’re taking it all the way into the Q-Dimension!"

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The Q Conflict has been a blast from issue No. 1 and personally, I can’t wait to read it all over again once the trade paperback comes out later this year. Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 6 arrives in comic shops and on digital devices on Wednesday, July 24.