Star Trek: Welcome to the wondrous world of REDSHIRTS – An original webcomic.

Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die
Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die /

Today marks Redshirts Always Die’s entry into the online Webcomic universe with the introduction of REDSHIRTS.

It’s a Star Trek staple that the members of Starfleet who wear a certain red uniform seem to suffer as a result. So much so that a very popular online Star Trek news and information service has gone so far as naming their website after this ongoing Original Series plot point.

Whether or not it’s actually true that redshirts always die or not is irrelevant, as they certainly seem to bear the brunt of most mishaps (as well as murderous aliens) that happen on the show. This is where the new REDSHIRTS comic comes in.

Every fortnight we will bring you a new entry in this ongoing series that will focus on a redshirt serving on the original USS Enterprise 1701, taking a comical look at the life of a redshirt and the events that will ultimately lead to one of those aforementioned mishaps.

Without further ado, we bring you the premiere of REDSHIRTS #1

Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die /

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Is it talked about? Are the security staff, engineers, ensigns and general crew members actually aware that it seems to be mainly them that end up dead on some rock-covered baron moon, killed by a sentient gas cloud? Probably not if truth be told. But it always makes me smile thinking that they do.

Coupled with the fact that if in the show the supporting actors don’t speak (which is often) or are not even named, then it’s most likely they are going to end up dead. Which is where the inspiration for todays debut comic comes from.

Next. The Sound of Star Trek Part 31: The Doomsday Machine/Amok Time. dark

REDSHIRTS #2 will due exclusively right here on Redshirts Always Die in two weeks. If you have anything you would like to see in an upcoming comic, or any suggestions please leave a comment in the section below!